Rubber floors and tiles

Rubber Floors

Installation of rubber floors for children’s parks with reference to impact of different height. Superficial surface of colours and shapes where they can be carried out, tematic, games etc..

STRUCTURES: Made up of two layers. The first one is a layer of recycled rubber SBR mixed up with a special resin. This layer is the one that has the biggest width and it is the one that gives a spongy effect to the product. The second one is a coloured layer with vulcanized grain EPDM or trachtek mixed with special resins that acts as a complement of the base and it is where they prepare the shapes and colours. The last layer has a width of 1 cm.

THICKNESS: This product has the possibility to change the thickness according to the elevation of the elements prepared in the group.


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Rubber Tiles

Our rubber tiles possess a special union amongst painted sections that stops vibration.

These are the followings characteristics:

  • Measurements of tiles 100×50 cm.
  • Manufactured tinted rubber SBR.
  • Thickness available 3 and 4 cm.
  • Finished tiled ends to avoid tripping
  • Available colours, black, red, green, blue and green.
  • Normativa Europea EN 1177The rubber tiles complete the European Normatives EN-1177 whose revisions have been carried out by the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics (IBN).